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Dean Lister on Leg Locks

Learn Dean's complete system from
straight ankle locks to heel hooks.

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Dean Lister

Black Belt

Dean Lister

Known as a pioneer of footlocks and heel hooks, Dean Lister's innovative approach to martial arts has transformed the competitive Jiu Jitsu scene. Dean's accomplishments include winning the 2003 ADCC Absolute World Championship, as well as the 2005 ADCC Superfight in which he defeated Jean Jacques Machado.
Mike Turk

Black Belt

Mike Turk

A Black Belt under legendary Professor Rodrigo Medeiros, Mike Turk teaches both gi and no-gi classes in San Diego, California. Mike is known for his punishing pressure and complete system of knee-on-belly attacks.
Rory van Vliet

Black Belt

Rory van Vliet

Rory van Vliet is a Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under Professor Rob Biernacki. He specializes in training content that helps you get better faster through solid understanding of underlying concepts.

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